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  • Product name: customized 2'' thick colored Acrylic Polished Bases blocks red acrylic display block paperweight
  • Product number: A-79
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Solid acrylic blocks creates a great way to display minerals and fossils, merchandise, shoes, jewelry and many other uses. Acrylic Blocks are highly polished with a crystal like finish. Various acrylic block heights grouped together can make your display items have an all new look.

The Solid Clear Acrylic Block Riser is a great way to increase the utility of your space with a clean and sleek solution.

The design allows customers to easily view the items on display

The clear blocks are also easy to combine with multiple sized blocks to create unique custom display areas

The solid acrylic blocks are available in several sizes, perfect for a variety of retail needs

Clear polished acrylic

Here below is some popular sizes for your reference:




50(w) x 25(h) x 50mm(d)


50(w) x 120(h) x 50mm(d)


50(w) x 150(h) x 50mm(d)


100(w) x 100(h) x 50mm(d)


75(w) x 70(h) x 75mm(d)


75(w) x 70(h) x 100mm(d)


75(w) x 70(h) x 150mm(d)


100(w) x 100(h) x 100mm(d)

What is your return and exchange policy?

First and foremost, we want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchases from us, and will work quickly to solve any problems you may have until you are happy. If you have any problems with your order, please use the return/exchange form on the contact us page or email us at info 2-space.com.cn

When will my order shipped?
The shipping time would depend on your order quantity and design details. Normally, If your quantity is 500pcs, we could ship them out with two weeks, and three weeks production time for 1000pcs. 

How do I choose the right sized stand?
In most cases, we recommend picking a size at least equal to the diameter of your object being displayed for a balanced look, but it is really up to you. Keep in mind the bevel makes the top area a bit smaller than the dimensions of the stand itself. 


Can you do our logo on? 

Yes, logo is no problem for us. 

For this kind of acrylic display blocks, we suggest we could engrave or print your logo on the base part. 

Kindly please share us with your logo picture when asking for the price, and then, we could suggest the best logo way.