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  • Product name: Cnc Acrylic Machining cosmetic display for lipstick
  • Product number: YUDA-238
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Acrylic Art provides a variety of CNC machining processes, ranging from complex contouring and 3-D milling to rapid machining, thread milling, and helical interpolation. We can meet tolerances as high as (+ -) .001 inches on all dimensional features. Equipped with advanced multi-axis machining centers, we have capabilities to extend to a larger 20X40X14 inch work envelope, which can produce an even larger part capacity via indexing.


Acrylic Art is committed to manufacturing high quality custom plastic and soft metal components for OEM products, parts, and assemblies. We are proud to produce our CNC mill and lathe components with a high degree of consistency and close tolerances. Some of the industries we serve are; diagnostic equipment, medical research, electronic, instrumentation, semiconductor, biotech, laboratory equipment.