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  • Product name: Customized clear perspex square boxes 9 holes acrylic flower boxes
  • Product number: YD-229
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1. Made of A grade 3 or 5mm thick acrylic material .

2. High transparency, durable , waterproof , and scratch resistant.

3, Perfect for flower shop, home and office decorations, Valentine's Day gift. 

4, We can customize different size for 9, 16, 25, 36, 100 holes or different style such as fixed style, detchable style, round style, and drawer style.

5.Logo : we can do silkscreen, engraving, hot stamping, UV printing, general and hot stamping sticker. 

6.We are professional custom made acrylic products manufacturer with more than 7 years experience , direct factory price and fast leadtime are guaranteed .

7.Notice : general flower box is 10mm diameter for hole and suitable for 5cm diameter flower. 

If your flower is not regular size, kindly please inform us your flower head diameter and height for customizing. 


Our flower/rose box style                                                                 

  Acrylic flower/rose box is a fancy popular package and decoration style for flower shop. Compared with traditional cardboard box, our acrylic flower/rose box is durable, waterproof, elegant and can extend florescence for fresh flowers with water . It is perfect for flower shop, home decoration or Valentine's Day gift. 


1. Fixed style 

      Features: relatively economic style, 2 tiered inner layers are fixed ad flower won't shake easily 

     Size: for 9 holes, 15x15x15cm, 3mm thick 

            for 16 holes, 20x20x15cm, 3mm thick 

            for 25 holes, 29x29x20cm, 3mm thick 

            for 36 holes, 35x35x20cm, 3mm thick 




2Square style:Detachable style with rods 

      Features: relatively expensive style, 2 tiered inner layers are detachable with solid rods support in 4 center or in corners. So you can take out and clean the box easily.

     Size: for 9 holes, 15x15x15cm, 3mm thick 

            for 16 holes, 20x20x15cm, 3mm thick 

            for 25 holes, 29x29x20cm, 3mm thick  

            for 36 holes, 35x35x20cm, 3mm thick 

            for 100 holes, 56x56x20cm, 5mm thick




3.  Round style:Detachable style with rods 

      Features: because round style material is limited, so we can't customize many size with perfect arrangement as you need . All round style has to be detachable. 

     Popular size: for 9 holes, 20x20x20cm, 3mm thick




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